AMLOR Music is a brand new, bespoke and independent music publisher.

Formed in London in the summer of 2017, AMLOR is a collaboration between four renowned industry executives – Richard Griffiths, Harry Magee, Will Bloomfield & Blair McDonald – drawing on their combined experience across every area of the music business

Providing a new option to the creative community with a commitment to developing the careers of the writers and artists they partner with.

Bespoke in terms of the different range of services and support it provides to songwriters and artists working closely with each individual to provide a flexible and tailored creative approach…..

And truly independent ….AMLOR retains complete control over it’s own copyright, royalties , financing and creative services to ensure an effective focus on the personal relationship and creative development .

AMLOR Music provides music publishing services while it’s sister company AMLOR Rights Management offers neighbouring rights collection services.